The staff here is highly knowledgeable and the care that they give is excellent. I would definitely recommend making this office your go-to for dental care!
- Ashley R.

Can’t complain at all! Went in my extremely nervous self. Staff helped walked me through the procedure as I was being sedated. Understood and Stephanie stayed with me every step of the way. One moment awake, the next, out like a light. Woke up to husband helping me out to the car. Once home, slept another 6 hrs.! Very little ache. Have meds for it. Still very oozy. Making a shake now and watching Scandal. Thanks to everyone, most especially, Dr. Pelak!
- Donna M.

I have been going to Total dentistry for about six years now and Dr. Pelak consistently amazes me in her knowledge and procedures that she performs. Staff is incredibly helpful and supportive. I would recommend them to anyone anywhere. This is definitely a one stop dentistry for the majority of procedures. Thumbs up
- Barbara P.

I love going into the dentist here. I always look forward to seeing all the staff. They are so sweet and kind. Dr. Palek is Awesome!! Her and set staff staff do a great job in your mouth!! The best thing is, she can do anything. You don’t have to go see anyone else to have anything done.
- Jennifer S.

Dr . Pelak has always been professional and done a great job. Had a problem with a crown and Dr. Pelak and her staff made it right - thanks Doc!
- Allen R.

I just switched to Total Dentistry and so far it's been everything it's advertised to be: friendly staff that takes the time to explain everything, the most gentle cleaning I've ever had, and transparency around costs and options. Highly recommend this practice!
- Terry Daniel Wrem J.

I have been a patient of Dr. Pelak’s for 20 years. I have had issues with the staff but those issues were more than 15 years ago. Today and for many years now the staff is great. The doctor is just the very best. She is always on top of her game. She is quick and confident of her treatment decisions. Her professional and personal demeanor keeps me coming back even though I moved to Wisconsin 16 years ago.
- Dick D.

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